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jLauncher: a completely new multitasking for iOS. [CYDIA]


Revolutionize iOS multitasking completely with jLauncher.

As we well know, on Cydia for sure there is no shortage of proposals to modify or even replace iOS native Multitasking which, unfortunately from 2010 to today, has undergone very few improvements. The latest tweak in this category jLauncher, a package that allows you to completely redesign the screen for the quick selection of applications on our iPhone.

The goal of jLauncher will surely make iOS Multitasking more complete and functional, in order to maximize the amount of information on the screen in real time to offer more options to the user who does not want to simply switch from one application to another. The standard iOS multitasking provides, as we well know, only a list of application icons that have recently been opened on the device and three buttons dedicated to controlling multimedia playback.

jLauncher completely modifies iOS Multitasking and is also compatible with Activator. This means that to use it you will need to select a specific gesture for its activation (you can also replace it with the original Multitasking by setting the double press of the Home button as the activation gesture). In addition to viewing running applications, jLauncher also allows you to control music playback from a single screen. Inside jLauncher you will also find a slider to change the brightness of the screen. The running applications are displayed on the right with the classic application icons. Album icons and music information are displayed in the center of the interface.

We would like to point out that at jLauncher there are however numerous alternatives, such as Aero, Multiflow, Dash, MissionBoard and Imperium that bring particularly accurate and functional Multitasking on your iPhone, but which, at the same time, change the minimal and sober style of iOS, while jLauncher is probably the right middle ground for those looking for greater functionality without giving up the excellent graphic impact offered overall by iOS.

For those interested, jLauncher available for purchase on the Cydia Store at a price of $ 1.99. The package hosted within the BigBoss repository and requires an Apple device with iOS 5 or later versions.

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