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iPhone, "pack" of three euros per week for surfing with Vodafone

The Vodafone iPhone with subscription and at a subsidized price may not start until 21st but before then it will be possible to buy the full-price mobile phone and add a fixed-price "pack" for browsing the Internet and downloading e-mails. Here are some of the information collected by Macity which represent the first semi-official information on how Apple's mobile phone will be marketed in Italy.

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Among the novelties, probably all Italian, there is the possibility of buying the mobile phone without any sim-lock, paying it in full (499 and 569 euros) and using your own tariff plan for voice calls, text messages and any other option active, probably to incentivize pre-existing customers and with a tariff plan already in place without forcing them to sign another contract.

In order not to mutilate the functions of the iPhone it will be possible, and here is the real news, to add a data bundle of three euros per week or 10 euros per month thanks to which you can download mail or browse on a dedicated apn. In this way, the "iPhone pack" option is superimposed on your tariff plan, which is useful for taking advantage of the strong Internet device functions of the Apple mobile phone. It should be noted, however, that this option, while cost-effective, provides for a maximum limit of data to be transferred within the week or month. Although Vodafone has not yet specified the data limit, it believes that overcoming it in normal use will be difficult.

Our sources also specify that the monthly and weekly rates will start in the form of a promotion, valid until the end of September.

Starting from 21 July (not therefore, at least as far as we have been informed, since 11 July), with the summer news, there will also be a revision of the "No problem" option which will be structured to accommodate iPhones. To an entry ticket for the iPhone (which will be flanked at this point by phones such as Blackberries), follow the payment of a monthly fee (of six euros) to which the cost of any calls and sms must be added. In this case, it will be mandatory to sign a two-year contract, with a penalty for an early exit.

At the same time (therefore always from 21 July) the Vodafone Easy for iPhone should also arrive. The package will probably replicate the one currently in force for other types of terminals: data, voice, sms. The costs have not been specified in detail, but three tariffs are currently in force: 19 euros per month, 49 euros per month and 89 euros per month. Only the second and third offer a subsidy for phones and therefore it is possible that the iPhone is included (at zero cost or with the payment of 99 or 199 euros depending on the model) only in the latter two.

Among the details of some interest is the fact that the iPhone will still have to be activated, although the SIM lock has been eliminated. In practice, once purchased it will not work; you will have to go home, connect it to iTunes and enable it after choosing a tariff option. At that point you will have to phone using iPhone to a dedicated number to permanently unlock the phone.

Ultimately, therefore, even in the absence of subsidized iPhone costs, we can begin to say that the model chosen by Vodafone is interesting and flexible. It does not force anyone to change their tariff plan, even keeping a top-up if, for example, they do not plan to make intensive use of the phone to justify the subscriptions with a monthly fee for two years. Also interesting is the inclusion of the iPhone in the "No problem" option (which will change its name to Easy Phone), because even in this case it is not necessary to change the tariff plan (also by subscription) having in exchange the possibility of having the iPhone discounted price.

As for the options "Easy" remains to be seen the costs of the iPhone. But if the rumors that want the cell phone at very affordable prices (99 and 199 euros) are true, even in this case you will be faced with an important opportunity for iPhone to break through even in Italy.