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iPhone, first news on activation in the US and Canada

iPhone, first news on activation in the US and Canada logomacitynet1200wide 1

Two different notes, one sent to At & T stores and a mail to the attention of Rogers stores in Canada, reveals something more than the iPhone 3G activation process.

In particular, those who will have the task of selling the phone will have to use, it says, a special version of iTunes that Apple has already made available for the download of the stores and which will be replaced, on July 11, by version 7.7 which will contain the module of activation. From what has been described, it appears that the 'unbriking' procedure will have to take place entirely in the shop, since there is a mention of customers who leave the store with their mobile phones working.

Other details include the set up with demonstration stations (which will also be distributed in Italy) and personnel management policies to ensure order. Finally, it is learned that, for Rogers' stores, initiatives from the 'village festival' (which some cases are so popular with North Americans) will be prohibited, such as the countdown, T-shirts, posters and prize games. This, probably, to give uniformity to the initiatives for the launch day and to prevent the image of Apple from being associated with events that could be excessive with the "fantasy in power".

In addition to activation policies, Macnn also mentions network optimization procedures. Also in this case a few days ago we had given similar information for our country.

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