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Instagram: here is version 3.0 with great news!

The famous platform of photo-sharing which has become one of the most popular applications of the moment, it receives a substantial update. Instagram 3.0 it includes a big series of news… that's what the developers said!

Weve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others photos on a map, which means youre no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos all the screens in our app to be more visually consistent and polished. Youll notice new layouts throughout the app that feel fresh, yet familiar. Our engineers have also been hard at work making sure that the browsing experience is as fast as possible. ..introduced infinite scrolling in feeds so that you can quickly see more photos while browsing around the app.

Really concrete and refined improvements:

  • New system to scroll through the photos of our contacts and the possibility to view them on maps;
  • New, more familiar and intuitive display layout;
  • Infinite scrolling introduced;
  • Application made more fluid, fast and reactive.

What can we say … the developers know that they have a giant in the sector in their hands and they want to hold the banner of this social platform high, given the huge amount of users who use it daily.

Here is the download link via Google Play Store. Have fun!

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