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CallBar 2.0 finally available for download. [CYDIA]


CallBar 2.0 finally arrived.

As we all know, ModMyi's Elias Limneos and Joshua Tucker have worked hard for this new version of CallBar, which is finally available for download. The tweak, as we well know, allows you to modify the call reception alert on the iPhone, making it completely similar to the iOS Banner notifications.

Thanks to this tweak you will no longer be interrupted while using the iPhone for example during a game of Tiny Wings but you can instead choose to answer or reject the call via the two green and red buttons that will appear in the so-called CallBar. So let's see in detail how these options work:

  • Answer:pressing this button you will answer the call whether it is a call with your telephone operator or with FaceTime;
  • decline:if you press this button you will reject the call either this normal or FaceTime;
  • Dismiss:thanks to this function, unlikedecline,the phone will continue to ring but silently and the CallBar will shrink allowing you to continue using your iDevice in peace. To use this feature, simply press the button with the bell crossed on the CallBar, press the power button or both or just one of the volume buttons.

CallBar 2.0 finally introduces full support for iOS 6 and some very useful new functions for owners of a jailbroken iPhone. Of course, numerous bugs that were present until the last release of this tweak have also been fixed. A very interesting function concerns the possibility of adding buttons to answer a call with a message and to create a reminder, they will now also be accessible on iOS 5 thanks to CallBar 2.0.

In CallBar 2.0 support for applications such as Skype and Viber has been removed, this is because these software now have their own default notification banners that allow you to answer a call while using another application or to ignore the same. Re-proposing the same banners also in CallBar 2.0 would have made little sense.

Here is a summary of the main news of CallBar 2.0:

  • New options for recalling a number from the lock screen;
  • CallBar now integrates support for Siri and Bluetooth headsets;
  • Tap to answer function;
  • New color options for the dialer.

CallBar settings can be managed through the iOS Settings menu by accessing the appropriate item in the Preference Loader. The tweak compatible with all versions of iOS 4 (from 4.0 to 4.3.3) and also with the first four beta of iOS 5 (the tweak will be improved later once the final version is released)

If I hadn't been comprehensive enough here is a demonstration video:

(youtuber youtube = ’http: // v = YQCTwh7lE9Q’)

If you are interested CallBar now available in the Cydia Store in the BigBoss repository and you can buy it for the price of$ 3.99.

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