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Call on the web.

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The cue to take this topic came to us, once again from the USA, with the news, released in the last few hours by PocketPort that will demonstrate a "VoicePak Phone Handset" device for PC and Mac compatible with VoIP (voice Over IP) systems , or being able to call anywhere using the Internet, at the next SuperComm 2001 in Atlanta. What do you need to make calls with the web? A microphone, a speaker and a sound card or all these things enclosed in a more familiar form: a telephone "handset" connected to the computer with a very common USB connection. In addition to this, you need an appropriate subscription with a service provider of this type in H.323 standard. We look forward to knowing more about this object, but on this occasion we take the opportunity to tell Macity readers about our "attempted approach" to a completely similar device, even Italian: Newchip NewVoice DSP 040.Months ago we tried to send a test copy (as is usually done with all new products and which are then returned to the manufacturers / distributors after the test has been carried out and published, as you have seen many in recent years) of the NewVoice DSP 040 to those of us in the editorial team who take care of the tests since either in the times or in the places we could not get close to the manufacturer, but this was evidently denied we were very intrigued because the Italian company declared on their site and in some advertisements in specialized magazines that the product was also compatible for Mac but, once contacted for you lefono and email we knew that, not only was there not a single Mac in all their headquarters, but that they had never seen it work on our platform, they asked us if there were software suitable for Mac OS parallel to NetMeeting's functionality for Win; despite all this they continued to argue (curiously enough) that compatibility with Mac was real. The sector is in turmoil and we would like to know more (despite the interest shown by Newchip to approach the Mac platform is practically close to it). zero … even if the advertising image they use seems to be that of an Apple monitor from a few years ago, on which side the NewVoice DSP 040 is placed) if any of our readers has been able to try these systems on Mac, don't hesitate to let us know .

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