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Best app of the week | Holo Launcher HD: Jelly Bean style!

Mobint Software, after the release of Holo Launcher inspired by the UI of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, release a brand new launcher in pure style jelly Bean. Is called Holo Launcher HD and the "Best Android Application of the Week".

Nice to look at, fluid, responsive and above all free. This launcher certainly looks like one of the best of those available on Google Play Store and also reading the comments of the first users, the opinions are fully positive. For us it can only be the same. If you want a Jelly Bean style launcher, this is perfect!

The application is very light: this is the strong point, because given that it uses few hardware resources, the launcher manages all the inputs and animations very well.

Here is the link for download via the Play Store. We also remind you that other add-ons are available on the developer page to improve your UI!

(App) com.mobint.hololauncher.hd (/ app)

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