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Apple forgives Worker Bee

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The affair that opposed, on the one hand, Apple and on the other Juan Gutierrez, better known among Mac users as "Worker Bee", ended with an agreement between the parties. Gutierrez, a contract employee of Cupertino, had ended on defendant, dragged by Apple itself to reveal a series of projects being developed by the Apple company. Using, in fact, the pseudonym of Worker Bee, "worker bee", Gutierrez had posted on the Internet in numerous sites dedicated to indiscretions, forums and his personal page, details about the Cube, the new optical mice, the G4 and different strategies which Apple believed was industrial secrets. Unmasked thanks to an injunction sent to Yahoo, where Gutierrez held an e-mail address, the employee had been brought to court on very heavy and potentially ruinous, if ascertained, economic charges. Apple could have claimed millions of dollars in damages from its employee for revealing details covered by trade secrecy, and an agreement was reached in April for Cupertino's lawyers and Worker Bee's attorney. No damage in exchange for the perpetual silence on everything learned during the period of work at Apple. Some experts in the sector at the time of the opening of the lawsuit hypothesized that rather than obtaining compensation for damages, Apple was intent on understanding who had been to reveal rumors preventing further leaks. The fact that a low profile agreement has been reached seems to confirm this view.

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