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Also by Tim weekly fixed cost navigation on iPhone?

Even Tim, like Vodafone, could have a tariff option that, upon payment of a weekly or monthly fee, will give you the opportunity to surf with iPhone even if you have a rechargeable one. Macity has reported this to sources that we believe to be reliable, even if the references and details are less precise than those that have been provided to us regarding Vodafone.

Tim's tariff option would provide one data bundle (30 MB) per day with weekly rate. In practice on a monthly scale it would be around the traditional 1 GB that are included in the various Tuttocompreso plans, only in this case it would be traffic on apn.ibox.tim and not on Wap, useless for iPhone. In addition, the rate would be applicable to any rechargeable and subscription plan with automatic renewal week by week, unless you wish to suspend payment.

This option is not a real novelty. there is already a similar offer for Blackberry; with 10 euros per month you have 400 MB of traffic on a dedicated apn to download mail or consult Internet sites. The Blackberry option can be activated with all tariff plans, including the "all inclusive".

If the information we collected is founded, it would mean that even those who have signed a two-year agreement could simply replace their phone with iPhone and take advantage, adding a not particularly burdensome amount, of the iPhone navigation and mail service. Even if you have to "unhook" the full iPhone price, not subsidized since the discount reserved for those who sign a 24-month contract, the opportunity could be interesting both for those who already have an all-inclusive, and for those who do few phone calls and points to iPhone especially to go on the Internet.