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A virus in PDF

A virus in PDF logomacitynet1200wide 1

Stopping hacking is proving increasingly a problem. In fact, hackers are constantly looking for ways and methods to spread viruses and worms and every day that passes they show more and more imagination. Yesterday the news according to which a pirate who calls himself Zulu has found a way to spread a virus via e-mail bypassing the Outlook protection systems. The bug, called Peachy, uses a Visual Basic script that is not detected by the filters because it is included in a PDF file. Zulu has in fact exploited the ability of Adobe Acrobat to include in its files attachements and which are invisible within the document. The level of danger and Peachy is rather low. According to McAfee who identified the virus, in fact, this can attack the system by taking control of Outlook only if you use the full version of Acrobat. The simple and widespread Reader cannot read the attachments of the PDF files. In any case, the managers of the security of the operating systems say they are worried because the arrival of Peachy shows that there are numerous and still unknown weaknesses that can be exploited for even damage of a great extent. Mac users are still safe, at least in this case. Peachy can't hit their systems.

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