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8 pushbullet alternatives to counter its limitations of the free version

If you are a regular user of Pushbullet, you would know that Pushbullet recently announced a paid "Pro" version along with a free version. While we don't care that Pushbullet makes the paid way to support itself, we are not fond of feature omissions in the free version. With the arrival of Pushbullet Pro, the free version of the app will lose some of the functionality it had previously but are now exclusive to Pro.

Here are some features that you will miss in the free version of Pushbullet

  • Actionable notifications
  • Universal copy and link sharing
  • 100 messages / month
  • Send files up to 25MB and 2GB of limited space

Pushbullet Pro is priced at $ 39.99 / year or $ 4.99 / month, which may not be convenient for some. Well, Pushbullet users will have to pay for the "Pro" subscription or look for an alternative. If you don't plan on paying for Pushbullet Pro, here are the best alternatives you can use.

1. AirDroid: the best Pushbullet alternative

AirDroid is more than just a Pushbullet alternative, as it is more than an Android device manager. The good thing about that it offers similar or in some cases even better features than those offered by Pushbullet . Similar to Pushbullet, AirDroid allows you to share files, install apps, check notifications, answer and make calls, synchronize SMS and contacts and reply to WhatsApp messages. In addition, it integrates an AirMirror function, which allows you to mirror the interface of your Android device on a PC, which means that you can control your Android smartphone or tablet directly from your PC.

Compared to Pushbullet, AirDroid lacks some features like universal copy and paste and ability to share links. AirDroid is also richer in resources and, therefore, somewhat delayed. It has a "Premium" subscription plan of $ 1.99 / month or $ 19.99 / year, which is convenient compared to Pushbullet's paid plans. AirDroid Premium offers unlimited file transfers, support for large files (1 GB) and support for multiple devices. All in all, AirDroid is a very different tool, but it offers most of the important Pushbullet features along with its additional features.

Availablity: Android, OS X, Windows (App); Chrome (web).

Best for mirroring notifications

2. Pushline

Pushline, as the name suggests, very similar to Pushbullet, both in name and in characteristics. The service works via an app for Android and the Chrome extension and mirrors smartphone notifications on a PC, but you can only view and clear notifications . The app also allows you to send notes, share links, make or accept calls, send SMS, mute the phone, find the phone and more. The missing Pushbullet features are usable notifications, universal copy and the ability to transfer files.

Although it corresponds to some features of Pushbullet, it is not as reliable. The app doesn't sync messages, contacts or apps and sometimes fails to bring a notification. Well, you can give Pushline a shot since it's free without advertising, without premium version and without in-app purchases.

Availablity: Android (App); Chrome (web).

3. Desktop notifications

As the name suggests, Desktop Notifications strictly aimed at bringing the notifications of your Android smartphone to your PC. Use an Android app and an extension for Chrome or Firefox to mirror all your notifications. Once you have enabled access to the notification for the app on your Android smartphone, you will mirror your notifications and you will see the popups on your PC through the browser extension. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do, as you only allows you to view notifications from your Android smartphone.

Availablity: Android (App); Chrome, Firefox (web).

Better for messaging

6. Mighty Text

Mighty Text is one of the best SMS apps and offers some additional features that make it an alternative worthy of Pushbullet. Similar to Pushbullet, Mighty Text synchronizes text messages and you can reply to your messages directly from the browser of your PC. It also reflects notifications and allows you to make calls, ring the phone, uninstall an app, send photos and videos, check the battery status, all directly from the Mighty Text Web client.

There free version of Mighty Text has a limit of 500 text messages per month, which is 5 times what the free version of Pushbullet offers . Mighty Text also has a paid version, which allows you to schedule messages, removes the message limit, removes ads, allows you to sync 100 GB of photos and videos and more. The price of Mighty Text Pro is identical to Pushbullet, with subscriptions of $ 4.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year. Mighty Text should work well if you are comfortable with the 500 / month message limit in the free version, but if you are not, you can give other alternatives like Yappy.

Availablity: Android (App); Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox (Web).

7. Yappy

Yappy is more similar to Mighty Text than to Pushbullet but still an excellent alternative to Pushbullet if you love messages from your PC. Yappy synchronizes your messages, your contacts and your gallery and allows you to send or reply to messages, make calls or answer remotely and even mirror notifications. There is also a nice YAP mode, which allows you to send encrypted messages.

Unfortunately, that's all, as it lacks other Pushbullet features like usable notifications and universal copy. A good thing about Yappy that even in its free version, it has no limit on the number of texts you can send. also available in a Pro version, which removes ads, allows you to schedule messages, search for texts, in-depth analyzes etc.

Availablity: Android, Windows (App); Chrome, Firefox (extension); XMPP.

The best for Universal Copy

8. Clipper Plus

Clipper Plus is an alternative worthy of Pushbullet because of its highly popular universal copy features. The universal copy and paste app presents a memo right in its app and remembers everything you've copied and stored. The app synchronizes notes online, so you can access them from your PC through the Clipper web page. You can also use 'Clipper Plus' to share links to different devices and all you need to do is paste a link to the clipboard and access it later on the browser of any device. Clipper Plus available on the Play Store for $ 1.99 and there is a free version available but does not include the online clipboard synchronization feature.

Availablity: Android.

9. Alt-C

Alt-C is an app and a light and light software that offers a universal copy and the possibility to share links. After installing the app and software on your phone and PC, you just have to press Alt + C to copy a text in your PC and it will arrive on the smartphone clipboard and once you have copied something to your Android device, press Alt + V to get the text copied to the PC . So, along with the copied text, you can also copy the links and share it. Although not similar to Pushbullet's functionality, a very immediate and easy to do certainty. To summarize, the app works like a charm and available for download free .

Availablity: Android, Windows and Mac (App).

Best for file sharing

8. Xender

Xender is a popular file sharing app known for its ability to transfer data between two Android devices, but it also allows you to share files from your Android device to your PC and vice versa, even without data transfer limits . The best thing about the app that allows you to transfer files without the need for PC software. Once the Android smartphone is connected to the Xender web client by scanning the QR code on the PC, the storage details of your smartphone will be displayed. You will then have the option to download or delete images, videos, music, documents, apps and other files. In the Files tab, you also have the option to batch download, move, copy and manage files. In addition, the Xender Web client allows you to transfer files from your PC to your smartphone. So if you've used Pushbullet for your file sharing needs, Xender is a pretty good alternative for you.

Availablity: Android, iOS (App); Web.

These apps do their best to match Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an excellent app and unfortunately there is no single app that brings all its functionality (although AirDroid approaches). However, these are the best Pushbullet alternatives for different use cases. So how are you doing with the arrival of Pushbullet Pro? Which alternative are you using? Let us know in the comments section.