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50 GB free on Dropbox for Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy …

Excellent news coming for those who decide to buy the brand new Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy Camera recently presented at theBerlin IFA. Samsung has indeed reached an agreement with Dropbox that I will give well 50 GB for two years to those who decide to buy one of the two devices.

Dropbox needs no introduction and certainly one of the cloud based services most used by Android users, but especially by all those looking for a service for their online storage.

Any space granted (always better to get our hands on) by Dropbox for two years would be absolutely one fitperfect in the case of the Galaxy Camera, allowing us to store our photos online so that we can access them on any other device.

Given the initiative, we expect the Dropbox application to be pre-installed inside the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera. However, we still do not feel absolutely certain to guarantee that the space granted by Dropbox will also be made available in Europe, but we really believe.

In any case, we invite you to stay connected on our blog to follow the evolution of the story.


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