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Twelve South HiRise: a new MacBook stand with an original line available on the Apple …


Here is HiRise, a new support with aluminum structure for the MacBook from the original line available on the Apple Store.

A new MacBook stand appears on the Apple Store, a classic aluminum design in full style of the new MacBook Pro unibody. Here is the official description:

Twelve South's HiRise for MacBook an elegant adjustable stand that allows you to transform your notebook into a comfortable computer. HiRise has a V-shape and a silicone coating that keeps your MacBook secure and secure. The V-shaped structure also allows free air circulation to prevent Mac overheating.

The HiRise spring support simplifies the height adjustment of the device. Adjust the height of the MacBook relative to the desk to better display the device screen or to align it with an external monitor and obtain an extraordinary two-monitor configuration.


  • Adjustable construction that allows you to use your MacBook as a desktop computer
  • Compatible with MacBook of various sizes and users of different stature
  • Spring support to adjust the height of the device in an instant
  • The silicone-coated stand securely stabilizes the bottom of the MacBook
  • Aligns the MacBook with an external monitor
  • Free up space on your desk for an external mouse and keyboard
  • Teflon bumpers positioned in the lower part of the support to protect the desk surface
  • The support for the V-shaped screen allows the free circulation of air
  • Made of metal for perfect stability

Price? As usual, the price of Mac accessories is not the best, on sale at 69.95!

Here is the link to buy it: Link

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