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Tim registers its Alice network and services for iPhone

Tim feverishly at work to test his networks and optimize his iPhone services. To report of an intense activity by the technicians of the Telecom Italia mobile arm are any sources consulted by Macity who have provided us with a rather precise picture of the work done to date and what has yet to be done to open the ports on the phone Apple

Tim began operating with the iPhone for testing as early as November. At that moment, probably coinciding with the certainty of an agreement with Apple, the Apple mobile phone has become a reference device, one of those on which the various services offered by Telecom on the Internet and its applications must be able to operate. When the agreement was definitively signed, the entire operation was accelerated.

Since the release of Firmware 2.0 Tim has received some iPhones to carry out more in-depth experiments. In particular, Apple would have explicitly requested that it be tested and verified in relation to the services that Apple itself offers on the Internet. In the case of Apple's services, the so-called QoS, Quality of Service, the resistance of the network to stress and a whole series of parameters that must make the exploitation, for example, of the App Store and the various services that are will come from MobileMe. The process was intense and long and still ongoing at the moment.

For its part, Telecom is aiming to adequately support the Alice services, one of the "crown jewels", which must be functional on the iPhone both via mobile phone and via Wifi. Under the lens there are emails, web space, viewing of invoices etc. etc. Recall that Tim the mobile arm of Telecom and Telecom focuses heavily on Alice and the impression that it is assigning great importance to the iPhone precisely in light of this ecosystem that leads to the convergence of mobile and home broadband.

It is no coincidence that Tim is also preparing some solutions on his own for the iPhone. It would be widgets. Even if our contacts have not been able to give us precise information on the type of applications, these could be solutions for Alice Internet services or for other types of services created for mobile and adapted to the iPhone.