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TIM and Vodafone: together for the iPhone launch on 11 July

febrero 15, 2020

Telecom Italia will market the iPhone 3G in 8 and 16 Gigabyte versions for prepaid and subscription customers. Furthermore, TIM will diversify the iPhone offer according to the needs of the customers with the "All-inclusive" formula. Here are some of the details provided a few minutes ago by TIM on the sidelines of the iPhone launch.

No figures for tariffs, n on costs, but an important novelty: the iPhone will also be available for the prepaid. In reality, the difference between prepaid and subscription, at least as regards the all inclusive minimum offer. It is always a question of signing a two-year agreement to exit from which a penalty must be paid. In exchange you have for a phone included in the price (or at a discounted price) and a bundle of voice, Sms, calls to voicemail, navigation on the mobile phone and use of the mobile phone as a modem.

It would be different if TIM activated an offer with a real rechargeable, but the hypothesis appears to be rather remote at the moment even if not to be excluded a priori.

TIM currently has four offers in service: 30, 60 and 90 and Unlimited. The denomination of the offers essentially corresponds to the monthly due with Unlimited which costs 180 euros and gives rights of up to 5000 minutes to all 1200 SMS (of which 200 to Three) with 100 minutes to European telephones.

Vodafone also announced the launch of its iPhone on July 11th. The international press release, unlike the "localized" one (for obvious reasons) of TIM, does not mention the name of the offer for our market, but it can be thought that it is the Vodafone Facile which works more or less like Tuttocompreso. . The rates are three: Small, Medium and Large, 19, 49 and 89 euros per month.

Here too, telephones included and bundles of voice and SMS. It should be noted that Vodafone Facile, less expensive than Tuttocompreso, has the characteristics closest to those of the foreign tariff plans since it includes navigation included in the price (at least in the average and "top" tariff), but only on the mobile phone. Recall that the iPhone cannot be used as a modem and therefore this tariff option fits quite well with the iPhone philosophy.

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