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Self-destructing messages are coming to Gmail

febrero 15, 2020

Google's email platform copies Snapchat and aims to bring ephemeral messages into the world of email

Inspector GadgetThis message will self destruct in 5 … 4 …

There are interesting news in the near future of Gmail. The most used mail platform in the world on the eve of a radical look change anticipated in recent days by some corridor rumors, yet, according to further and even more recent rumors, the external one will not be the only aspect to be distorted by the changes that Google engineers have it in mind. This was revealed by Techcrunch, which reports how on Gmail it can take a few weeks to be able to exchange ephemeral messages, with self-destruction timer included, in a very similar way to what happens on Snapchat.

In English the new feature seems to be called Confidential mode and it will be a sort of protected container within which special messages can be sent. The missives traveling on this channel will have a real one expiry date settable at willbeyond which they will no longer be visible, downloadable or printable. Not only that: the normal copy and paste operations inside them will be impossible, and for their vision it will be possible request an sms access code that the recipient will receive on the smartphone.

The novelty will make Google's mail service much more interesting, but it is still early to candidate it for an ideal solution for secure communications. As TechCrunch immediately notes, there are still two unclear aspects of this Confidential mode: the first onepossible operation outside the circle of Gmail users, of which there is no confirmation; the second theuse or not of end-to-end encryption for messages, which would be the only effective solution to truly prevent anyone from accessing the contents of the missives in all circumstances.


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