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Review | Zen Bound 2 the most famous antistress arrives on Google Play

febrero 15, 2020

The application that has relaxed all Apple users and its name has also arrived on our Google Play for a few days Zen Bound 2 a puzzle game that was designed primarily to relax and calm the player, follow our review to get to know this fantastic game.

This game is difficult to place in a category given that without goals or points to achieve, everything is up to you, to the enthusiasm and skill of rolling the rope around the object.

This very particular game, everything starts from a statue in which positioned a nail with a knot from which a given rope starts, which you will have to roll around the objects that ineach level therewill be provided. The difficulty lies precisely in passing the level, because the rope will release the color on the statue, your task will be to fill it with as much color as possible, so as to increase the percentage of paint on the object, up to the required one.

Once the goal is completed, a bell will warn us that the time has come to roll the rope to the nail, placed on the object, that it will light up. The levels are grouped together on a tree, each level passed making a flower bloom until it reaches the top of the tree.

The graphical interface is very accurate and the truly impactful three-dimensional effect, even the music does its part and is never repetitive throughout the duration of the level, thus allowing the player to relax and relax.

Playing Zen Bound 2 may be slightly boring due to its fairly monotonous gameplay but it is a unique and unforgettable experiencethat will keep you glued to the screen for the first few moments of the game.

Sand love the relaxing pastimes Zen Bound 2 cannot be missing in your collection.

The game available on Google Play for the price of2.49, includes 100 levels, in which the player can completely detach himself from everyday life and relax in the truest sense of the word.

Here is an illustrative video and below the download box

(yframe url = ’http: // v = Ume0rRRw25Q’)

(App) com.secretexit.zb2 (/ app)

Puzzle games:It is a puzzle video game, this term is used to identify a particular game-dividing category dedicated to solving puzzles in the form of logic, strategic or in which, for example, a sequence must be completed (numbers, words, geometric shapes) and much more.

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