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On Spotify you can now block unwanted artists

The next Spotify feature will allow you to screen the works of unwelcome musicians, meanwhile an auto mode for Android arrives


On any self-respecting social network it has been possible for years to block the most annoying contacts: time is a precious resource, and waste it by slaloming between nerve-wracking content or content that is not the best from one's tastes. Well it seems that the online streaming service Spotify is about to take on the lesson of Facebook, Instagram and the company: according to Thurrot, the platform is in fact about to introduce the possibility of completely block an artist from playback within the app.

The operation resembles exactly that of users blocked on any social network, with the difference that the individuals who will no longer be able to make their voices heard are singers and musicians, and the blocked contents are their works. The pieces of the artists describes the site they will stop ending up in rotations automatic machines managed by the platform (even if their gender exactly matches the one requested) e they cannot be reproduced even manually; the only exception represented by collaborations with other musicians, which remain excluded from the block.

The function seems to be still being tested at a small number of randomly selected users, and currently only appears on the iOS versions of the app. Given the interest around the news, it is very likely that the release will also take place for the Android, web and desktop versions as soon as Spotify decides to end the trial phase; Android users in the meantime can be distracted with the arrival of an app mode dedicated touse in the car, launched just these days, equipped with large controls that facilitate use while the phone is attached to the dashboard.

(Photo: Spotify)(Photo: Spotify)


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