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MapFactor Navigator: free and offline Android turn-by-turn

febrero 15, 2020

It landed on Google Play only a few hours ago a new application that promises to give a hard time to the best satellite navigators now developed for the Android platform. Is called MapFactor Navigator and a GPS navigation service turn-by-turn* free developed by the homonymous MAPFACTOR for smartphones and tablets of the green robot.

Free maps of each country thanks to OpenStreetMap

Interesting graphics, with both 3D and 2D visualization of the maps and multilanguage support certainly make it a valid alternative to services such as Google Maps, Waze, TOM TOM, Navit and so on. Key point of this application however the total possibility of browse offline thanks to the support provided byOpenStreetMap, a project under construction aimed at providing a complete map of all the countries of the world updated and editable at any time.

Installation on SD card and speed camera notifications, queues, alternative routes

Obviously, among these there is no lack ofItaly, whose weight of approx 200 MB easily installed on SD card. The same applies to voice support, which by taking advantage of one of the functions present in the app that can even notify the presence of speed cameras on the road we're going to go. In this case, there is also a good social component, with the possibility of searching for the nearest points of interest and if you also want the zip codes for a more precise search. A future update is likely that will also add the possibility of sharing your position on the most popular social networks.

Like any self-respecting good navigator, also in this case there are the day / night navigation, the possibility of adding routes and itineraries to one's own favorite and, of course, the possibility to select alternative routes in order to avoid queues and reach the destination in the shortest possible time (a function that classic navigators hardly make available without the data connection).

Monthly updates

Although still in beta, MapFactor Navigator promises to be an excellent driving support, totally free, totally offline and with maps constantly updated every month. To try it right away on your Android device you can download it at the following link:

(App) com.mapfactor.navigator #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLm1hcGZhY3Rvci5uYXZpZ2F0b3IiXQ .. (/ app)


* Turn-by-turn: turn-bu-turn navigation is a feature of several GPS navigators that offers both voice and visual indications to reach the selected route.

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