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Mac fair in England

febrero 15, 2020

Mac Fair in England – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The British, frustrated by Apple's decision to cancel the London Expo, do not give up. After proposing for the first time last year an independent review dedicated to the Mac world (but without the presence of Cupertino) they will try again this year, comforted by the success of the first edition. The fair, which will take the most explicit, compared to that of last year, named MacExpo 2001, will be held from 22 to 24 November next at the Islington Business Design Center. The fact that the review now incorporates the Mac name could mean that those responsible have received some sign of thaw from Apple UK. Last year, the British subsidiary of the Apple company opposed the realization of the event that goes against the provisions issued by Jobs himself who reserved only one official moment for Europe: the Paris Expo in September. Now it seems that Apple has softened and although it has not given its official blessing, look with some sympathy at the efforts of the organizers. A sympathy that according to some sources could go even further to ensure an official participation of Apple. English MacUser for some signal of concern comes from some major vendors, such as Adobe who would not have given any guarantee on its participation in the fair

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