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In August 2 GHz Pentium

febrero 15, 2020

In August 2 GHz Pentium – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The race of MHz continues in the PC world. Intel will launch a 2 GHz processor on the market by the end of August. The chip, codenamed Foster, aimed at the server market and will be engineered on the architecture of Pentium 4. According to some sources, Foster, whose release date has been set at 26 August, will bring about a drop in the prices of all Pentium models currently on the market. The drop in the price list could even reach 40% for the higher-end models, with peaks of less than 10% for the Pentium III./ In October, says The Register who released the news, it should be a new drop in prices that would bring the Pentium III of the previous generation, the one that first broke down the GHz wall, to cost between 154 and 182 $

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