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Editorial | Android vs iOS: the challenge continues, but this time …

febrero 15, 2020

I know when it comes to Android vs iOS influences and favoritism come into play too often, especially if we are on a blog dedicated to the green robot, creatures more and more powerful and more and more launched by Google. However, today's editorial starts from a careful analysis carried out by a boy who has had the opportunity to thoroughly test the two platforms for a long time and arriving at a safe and decisive position.

What I'm talking about, not the classic fanboy comment or opinionated with the slices of salami on the eyes. What I'm talking about is a complete and rational analysis of how the two operating systems in question, Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS version 5.1, interact differently with the user, starting from the degree of personalization of the platform up to the simplicity and intuitiveness of using the latter, noting how Google's operating system is growing, slowly overcoming its bitter enemy.

But let's start with order. I decided to briefly summarize the most important aspects that immediately catch the eye from the comparison videos between Android and iOS made by youtuber Wicked4u2c, spending a few words for each of them, to allow you to fully enjoy the challenge by watching the video YouTube posted at the end of the article.

We know very well that one of the favorable points that Android has its customization and adaptability. Appearance exploited above all by the smartphone manufacturers themselves through their customized interfaces such as the Sense of HTC or the Touchwiz of Samsunghowever, the end user is left with the option to re-customize the entire user interface through the various applications available on the market. Of course, even iOS via jailbreak allows you to renew your UI, but os by Google, for this aspect, does not need a root of the system.

As easy and intuitive as iOS can be definitive, in comparison with the green robot, it sees it slightly in difficulty. Daily actions, such as looking for an address and entering it in Google Maps, are carried out much more intuitively on the Android platform through simple touches on the screen and peculiarly selecting how to interact with the selected object, whatever it is: a link, a video or an address.

If we have to analyze the number of applications available for home devices Apple, it is true that Android is not comparable. But if we analyze instead how the user interacts with AppStore or Play Store, here Android takes the lead: a disproportionate number of free applications, a wide choice of apps in every sector and for the purchase of paid apps, once an application is purchased it will be available for all our devices. On the AppStore instead, we will have to pay an additional fee if we wanted to have a game of ours iPhone available on ours iPad.

Do you want iOS? You have to buy yourself an iPhone or iPad. Do you want Android? The market offers an almost unlimited choice: starting from the entry-level smartphone, up to the fantastic devices quad-core with screens SuperAmoledyou will definitely find it smartphone or Tablet tailored for you. What can we say … to each their own Android!

These are the highlights of which I preferred to give you a brief summary, but I strongly advise all readers to see all the videos of this boy, who has deepened in a truly impeccable way this challenge.

Here is the link to the Dicked4u2c channel, while below you will find the first "episode" of the comparison between Android and iOS:

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