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eBay Usa cleans up iPhone 3Gs

febrero 15, 2020

If someone was thinking of going to eBay Use to buy an unlocked or unlocked iPhone 3G at an affordable price, they would do better to look for other ways. On the popular online sales site, trade in the iPhone 3G was actually banned with haste.

The iron fist started late last week when advertising for the iPhone 3G was banned on the American version of the site. All banners and advertisements affecting the phone have been removed. As if this were not enough, those who have put up for sale an iPhone 3G through an auction, some sources who prefer to remain anonymous, have found themselves with the auction suspended. Finally, those who have concluded a sale through Paypal now have their account blocked and unable to proceed with the collection. The only way to access the account again is to return the phone money to the customer.

The reason for such severity is quite intuitive. At the moment there is no certainty about how to buy iPhone from regular channels and whoever puts a phone on sale on the eBay site actually makes a simple bet at best, at the worst organizes a scam. In all cases it does not provide any certainty to possible buyers. Promise the cell phone for 600 or 650 dollars in an unlocked version then basically impossible. From what is known to today, it would mean buying a contract-bound iPhone from At & T, giving up the contract, paying the penalty, finding a system to unlock it (if of the sim locked type) and then selling it with a profit. An unlocked and contract-free iPhone could be easily found in Italy, but at 499 euros, that is 770 dollars, 170 dollars more than the promises of eBay sellers.

But if in the US the iPhone 3G disappeared from eBay, in the Italian version of the online sales site, sellers who promise unlocked versions and at prices below those of the market continue to proliferate. In this case it would be theoretically possible to sell an unlocked iPhone in Italy; it would be enough to buy one of the 499 or 569 euro ones offered by Vodafone and launch it on the eBay site below cost. It remains mysterious, philanthropists and benefactors excluded, how it is possible to offer them not only without a mark-up, but even below the selling price. If they were the result of a subscription contract (which, by the way, nobody still knows how much it will cost) we would at least have to recover the penalty which will almost certainly project the price above the cost of the version without the contract, if they were the American ones, who proposes it follows the same path as those in the US who bet on the purchase method by setting up a questionable auction without knowing if they would ever get to get their hands on an iPhone 3G and that for this reason they found themselves with accounts suspended from eBay.

In all cases, the advice of our site, at the moment, is to stay at the window and not buy anything that has to do with an iPhone 3G because none of those who sell on eBay can know if they can fulfill the promise of sale and at what cost. You will almost certainly not be able to do it at prices below what will be practiced in the Vodafone and Tim stores, unless the goods are of dubious origin. Surely to put all that money in the hands of those who promise an iPhone at 390 euros today, more than an act of naive trust if not insipidity.

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