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Apple prepares for iPhone 9, but coronavirus may delay iPhone 12

febrero 15, 2020

Until now, analysts and observers have indicated that coronavirus would not have been a problem for the new iPhone 12 arriving in September, but delays and production stops could have affected iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2, the economic model expected in March: now instead for the first time, a new report indicates exactly the opposite.

Taiwanese Apple suppliers are preparing for the production of the new low-cost iPhone, what should be the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 as called by some. To report such rumors DigiTimes explaining that, while Apple's low-end model on the expected track, Cupertino would have blocked the trips of its engineers to China to attend the Engineering Validation Test ”(EVT), the tests to be performed on the first prototypes of new devices to ensure that the The basic unit follows the planned design, specifications and objectives.iphone coronavirus

In January Tim Cook said that Apple would limit its staff's travels from California to Chinese manufacturing plants. The CEO had made it clear that the coronavirus issue involves uncertainties about the next fiscal quarter, but reportedly of alternative sources of supply and that contingency plans were envisaged.

About this, DigiTimes – citing his unspecified sources – reports that the production of the iPhone 12, devices scheduled for the end of September, will probably not be started in June, since the coronavirus issue is evolving day after day with obvious changes on the time horizons normally expected by Apple. If production delays are confirmed, Apple could announce the new iPhones as always in September but with actual delayed availability.

Foxconn Q4 2016

From what we know the specifications of the new iPhone 9 provide a 4.7 display, SoC A13 and LCP antennas (Liquid Crystal Polymer), material that has the particularity of having a reduced thermal expansion and a minimum frequency loss, ideal for the realization of wireless antennas. The main design and features would be based on those of the iPhone 8: touch ID, screen with borders, a single camera.

A few days ago rumors had circulated that the production of the iPhone 9, which will remain on the market with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Proe, will anticipate the launch of the alleged iPhone 5G 2020, was scheduled for February 10 but the activity was postponed and now Foxconn would be considering move the production of some Apple devices to India and Taiwan.

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