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Apple in the Hypertransport consortium

febrero 15, 2020

Apple in the Hypertransport – consortiumlogomacitynet1200wide 1

There is also Apple in the Hypertransport consortium, the association that promises to develop and disseminate a standard for communications between processors that manage peripherals and IT devices in general 24 times faster than that currently in use with transmission speeds up to 12.8 GB / sec The Cupertino company is included in the list of promoters released today to the press and which includes API NetWorks, Cisco Systems, NVIDIA Corporation, PMC-Sierra, Sun Microsystems, Transmeta and AMD, the latter which has promoted and developed Hypertransport. “Our standard – explains Gabriele Sartori, newly elected president of the consortium – is a technology that is receiving approval from the major players in the industry. It is designed to provide the smoothest transition possible from existing technologies and to support the necessary scalability and bandwidth for the innovations that will be introduced in future products. "" Apple – said Jon Rubenstein – delighted to participate in the Hypertransport consortium that represents a technology with great potential ”Among the first companies to introduce a commercial product based on Hypertrasport technology, there is Nvidia that will adopt it in the nForce architecture, a motherboard design that integrates some of the video acceleration technologies that the Californian company adopts in his cards.

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