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Apple: here are our stores

febrero 15, 2020

Apple: here are our stores – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple side by side reveals, in an event reserved for the press, the strategy behind the launch of the stores. At the time of writing, the news is still fragmented, but sufficient to confirm Apple's size and intentions. First, the first two Apple stores, located in McLean, VA, will open. and Glendale LA; thereafter another 23 stores will be opened, for a total of 25. The opening times will be quick, in 6/8 weeks the third shop will open, then one every ten days approximately, up to the threshold of 25 points. opening of the shops clearly commercial, increase the share of Apple from the current 5%, however, after reading the declarations it is clear that the reason for giving visibility to the products to the remaining 95% of the market that ignores them or does not consider them valid at the moment The reason therefore revealed and congruent with what has been hypothesized by us and by others, to give visibility to the brand and products rather than the small sale of the single machine. The shops will still sell and will be a reference point to discover the technologies of Apple, a lot of space will have accessories, software (with over 300 titles) and peripherals: for four product categories there will be the 6 best products, and they will be respectively the six best best MP3 players, the six best PDAs, the six best cameras and the six best video cameras, of course all these products will be demonstrated in combination with Apple machines. In Apple's integrations, therefore, the stores will be a complete solution for consumer users and for all those who already follow the Digital Lifestyle principle, perhaps by conveying their interests on Apple products.

In the next few hours we should have a better overview of Apple's statements, so you can read comments and opinions.

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