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Apple could use its 5G mmWave antenna in the iPhone 2020

febrero 15, 2020

Apple is self-designing the antenna module for 5W mmWave networks that will be used within its next generation iPhones as "not satisfied" from that designed by Qualcomm. According to what reported by Fast Company, Apple "opposed" to the design of the module QTM 525 5G with millimeter waves of Qualcomm in that

"It doesn't fit the subtle industrial design that Apple wants for the new device."

Prudence, however, is never too much and Apple would also be working on another design equipped with both the modem and the Qualcomm antenna in order to avoid possible problems should development difficulties arise. In this case, however, Apple should realize an "iPhone" slightly thicker.

Making 5G antennas for mmWave networks is more difficult than other types of antennas because they send and receive higher frequency signals, leaving less room for possible errors. The performance of 5G, therefore, also depends a lot on the antenna design.

IPhone 5G will use a phased array antenna with two parts working together to form a radio wave beam that could cause errors if the antenna and modem module are made by different companies. The beam can be electronically oriented in different directions without the antenna being moved. The modem chip and antenna module work together to make it work properly and must be calibrated perfectly.

But behind this Apple decision there may also be other reasons. According to reports from Fast Company, Apple would also like to use its antennas to have the lowest number of Qualcomm parts, so as to be even less dependent in the future given that, as is known, after the acquisition of Intel's smartphone modem division, Apple has accelerated the development of its chips. Until these are ready, however, Apple will have to rely on Qualcomm.

According to rumors, Apple will release its iPhone 5G in the second half of 2020 and will be equipped with the X55 5G modem chip of Qualcomm which offers maximum download speeds of 7Gb / s and upload speeds of 3Gb / s.

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