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Airport and Bluetooth are equal for me

febrero 15, 2020

Airport and Bluetooth for me are – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Compaq seeks to impose a breakthrough on the world of wireless in laptops. The model that should mark a new era was the Evo N400c laptop, presented yesterday. Like many other similar products Evo N400c presents an option for a wireless data transmission card, the difference lies in the fact that it has an expansion slot, called Multiport, accessible from the side of the screen that allows you to insert cards of two types, one compatible with 802.11b (the Aiport standard), the second with Bluetooth.Before the release of the Evo N400c laptops had never offered the possibility to choose between the two standards, this perhaps also because Bluetooth has not yet had a great popularity in the mobile sector (to which essentially addressed), n in that of computers. With the launch of this product Compaq hopes to attract consumers interested both in connecting to 802.11b networks, now more than popular, and those who believe in Bluetooth but to date have not had the opportunity to have laptops available to meet their needs. The cards are available for purchase as an accessory. The laptop (a 700 MHz Pentium III, 128 MB of Ram and 20 GB of HD) costs $ 2,300 on the American market

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