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Adobe: we are working on Flash for iPhone

febrero 15, 2020

Adobe is working on an iPhone version of Flash. The confirmation, the first official after months of rumors, half-claims, denials, which emerged during the presentation of the tax results of the company of Sam Jos.

"Yes – said the CEO Shantanu Narayen – we are creating a version of Flash for iPhone, we are still in a development phase, but we are satisfied with the progress we have made to date".

During the event, at least from what was possible to find in terms of information at the time of writing, nothing more was said. Above all, nothing on the final release date of the software which would be invaluable, given the use that is being made of it on the Internet, to complete the browsing experience on the net of the Apple device. But beyond these details that could emerge in the next few hours, what seems to understand that the convincing operation of Adobe towards historically wary Jobs, for energy consumption and absorption of processor power, on an iPhone version of the Flash client, could have come to fulfillment. As our readers will remember Adobe had said that it was available from the beginning to create a Flash player, but had been dissuaded first by the inability to create applications for iPhone, then by the fact that once the SDK was presented it had been discovered that the license of use of the development kit explicitly prohibited the creation of software of the type to which Flash belongs.

At a later stage, it appeared that Adobe and Apple had sat around a table to resolve the matter, but nothing official had transpired. Some hope had popped up during the WWDC keynote when screens appeared that seemed to prelude to the fact that the new Safari for iPhone was able to interpret Flash animations.

Will the flash for iPhone appear at the same time as the release of Firmware 2.0? Who knows. Of course, for Apple and Adobe it would be a big hit to be able to announce availability with a hit.

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