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Vodafon's ifon

febrero 14, 2020

Phonetic ergonomics. Here is the password that must reign in the home of the Vodafone webmasters where obviously there is no intention of leaving any stone unturned to catalyze the majority of possible customers, including those who are not very familiar with English. It can only be explained in this way, with an attempt to create a welcoming "Italian-speaking" nest, the decision to welcome with a page that describes the iPhone 3G, as well as those who write, those who type

Yes, you read that right, the site of the branch of the British mobile operator, does not distinguish between iPhone and iFone (the capital letter of the second letter, Cupertino Style, ours), between how to write and how to pronounce or better between how to pronounce and how it would be written if we were talking about an Italian word. An original choice and, in some ways, even surprising, perhaps that arouses some smile, but that makes sense, given the chronic idiosyncrasy of our people towards foreign languages. The iPhone (or aifon?) A popular product, of which we have heard a lot but which, and here too we deal with another chronic adversity of the Belpaese, perhaps read little and therefore for some it could be difficult to identify it on the Vodafone site which then comes to the rescue.

The mobile operator, on the other hand, must be used to dealing with someone who arrives on his site and writes in Macaronic English since typing leads to the main page of

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