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Visual Voicemail will not be available everywhere

Visual Voicemail will not be available everywhere logomacitynet1200wide 1

Visual Voicemail another innovative iPhone function: allows the user to view the list of all messages on the answering machine, in this way you can only listen to the desired messages and in the order you prefer. This is a function present since the first generation of the iPhone as well as in the new model but in order to function, it requires substantial work by the mobile operator. In the United States this feature was available already in the early days of iPhone marketing, unfortunately Visual Voicemail will not follow the imminent geographic extension of the iPhone hand in hand.

This was achieved by the editorial staff of the iLounge website which interviewed the main operators who will market iPhones in the first 22 countries starting from 11 July. As for Vodafone, a spokesman for the multinational confirmed that Visual Voicemail will not be available at launch and that the company is considering activating the service later. This means that Italy but also Australia, New Zealand and Portugal will not have the function at least for the first time.

Future iPhone users in Spain (with the operator Telefonica) Germany and Austria (T-Mobile) are more fortunate: both companies will in fact support the function from day one. Perhaps Portugal and Holland remain in doubt, returning to our country, the investigation conducted by iLounge also leaves Tim pending.

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