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The quarter of the iBook

The quarter of the iBook logomacitynet1200wide 1

It was definitely a quarter marked by the debut of the iBook. The low-end laptop dominates in the detailed data provided by Cupertino immediately after the closure of Wall Street: + 245% in units sold, + 270% in turnover compared to the previous quarter are decidedly comforting and worthy of mention. The same must be said of the numbers that distinguish the comparison with the same quarter of the previous year. The iBook in fact marks + 81% in terms of units sold and + 59% in terms of turnover. The record-breaking consumer laptop in terms of turnover (445 million dollars and second only to the iMac in terms of units sold (225,000). Unfortunately, iBooks aside, it is not easy to find other positive data in the summary of the quarter. 'iMac shows some pi signs; to be precise + 2% in units sold and + 1% in turnover compared to the previous quarter. These are marginal data obtained compared to the comparison of 90 really difficult days for the low-end desktop. shows less signs when it comes to checking its performance compared to the same period last year: -32% in terms of units sold, -36% in terms of turnover. With just over 300,000 units sold, the iMac is far from the glories of the past and provides a perhaps not marginal but certainly not decisive contribution to the Apple coffers. Titanium has also weakened significantly compared to last quarter. The high-end laptop continues to sell very well (106,000 units) especially if we consider the price range and the market target, but it cannot keep pace n with the last quarter (-21% in units sold, -23% in turnover) n with the same quarter of last year (- 6% in units, -9% in turnover). It also affects the drop in sales of the G4 which fell both compared to the last quarter (-14 in units sold, -14% in turnover) and compared to last year (-36% both in units sold than in turnover). It should be noted that in the meticulous display of Apple the Cube is the true "desaparecido". Despite its data disposal a few days ago and therefore remained on the market for the whole quarter, its numbers were such that it did not allow even an appearance in the data report by type of machine. Rather, its turnover has been generically listed in the "others" chapter, which includes peripherals and software. If we analyze the data by geographical sectors, it is clear that at the moment the real "ball and chain" of Apple is Europe. While in all other areas the data, compared to last quarter, are positive (with peaks of + 19% in turnover in Asia) for the old continent the data are negative both in terms of turnover (-23%) and units sold (-24%). If one passes to the comparison column between 2000 and 2001 the data are generally negative with a series of minus signs. Here too, in negative terms, Europe's performance stands out, showing a -32% in units sold. America is saved (but only partially), losing only 12% in units and 17% in turnover.

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