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Sony chases Apple

There have been many relations between Apple and Sony; starting with the PowerBook 100 and the first trinitron tubes mounted by Apple machines in the mists of time, up to the present day with the development of FireWire.Apple, and in particular Jobs, has always looked to Sony as a commercial model to follow: excellent products , technological innovation, style and design, great grip on the public, a very strong brand. It is not difficult to see in Apple's new strategy with the stores, an attempt to build places similar to the Sony brand showrooms spread in the main cities of the world.

This time, for Sony to chase: in June the Japanese giant will release a machine of the Vaio line that will mount a DVD burner, as already proposed by Apple on the G4 and, subsequently, by Compaq. The Sony machine promises wonders, starting with the equipment base that see 1.7 Ghz of Pentium IV, 80 Gb of hard disk and 128 Mb of Ram. Where the Sony computer surprises in the integrated TV Tuner: thanks to the DVD burner it will be possible to receive and display, even on an external monitor, any television program, but it will also be possible to burn it directly onto a DVD support, a sort of digital video recorder that writes directly on DVD, allowing a constant quality of reproduction over time and a significantly better archiving facility than traditional videotapes; thanks to the digital support, moreover, the quality of the recordings will be directly proportional to the quality of the transmissions, by recording a satellite transmission we will have a really high quality and not reachable with any VHS video recorder. The price of this jewel? not even a lot, starting from $ 2,500. Apple warned, in the next G4 we also want TV!