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Shazam, the search and Encore version comes for free

febrero 14, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 14 February 2020

Breath of news for the app that allows you to recognize songs on the fly. Shazam, acquired by Apple two years ago, loses one feature but gains another much more useful one; and in the meantime Shazam Encore, the disgraced premium version becomes completely free.

The latest Shazam update finally allows you to make searches directly from the Home screen based on artists, titles, texts and much more. "Do you have a song in mind?" reads in today's changelog. "You can now find an artist or song by tapping the new Search button on the main screen. Don't you remember the title or name? Try the words in the text!" Just enter the keywords, and if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can give it right away start playback without even changing application.

With the latest update, however, the search button replaces that of the camera which instead allowed for on-the-fly scans of QR codes; it is a pre-Apple feature dating back to 2015, launched in partnership with Disney, Sports Illustrated, the WSJ and many others, and never really took off.

Finally, we report that Shazam Encore becomes officially free; a move that nevertheless appears a wispy thread. The difference between Shazam and the Encore version was in fact constituted by the presence of advertising, which for Apple eliminated after the acquisition. So in practice, only the name changes, but otherwise two apps are identical. Who knows why they don't leave one on the App Store, go and find out.

In any case, you can download them both by following these links:

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