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Shadowgun War Games, the 5v5 shooter, is available on iOS and Android

Shadowgun War Games, the shooter that challenges Overwatch on mobile – and which we analyzed in our preview – is available on iOS and Android.

Developed by Madfinger, Shadowgun War Games is a Multiplayer FPS distributed on the App Store and Google Play in a free to play version. Based on 5v5 fights, the new shooter offers heroes equipped with specific skills and customizable with skins and emotes.

Team up with friends and fight against players from all over the world in arenas, maps and exclusive events from the Shadowgun Universe. It is fun and accessible to beginners and offers countless exciting challenges for experienced gamers. Anyone can compete in the Steal the Flag and Team Deathmatch game modes!

In addition to a graphic sector that leaves little room for criticism with arenas equipped with 3D visual effects, Shadowgun War Games supports customizable commands, voice and written chat. The free downloadable game offers two types of Battle Pass: Premium and Premium + purchased from the in-game store, which guarantee exclusive challenges, extra XP upgrades and various rewards.