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Ram for Titanium

Ram for Titanium logomacitynet1200wide 1

About a month ago we explained how it was possible to expand the Titanium Ram up to the 1Gb threshold, for the occasion two 512 Mb each Transintl Ram modules had been called into question. Today Peripheral announces the availability of a new module, always dedicated to Titanium, with the same capacity as Transintl: 512 Mb. Attention for: in the company's press release it is specified that the Ram module specifically designed for the upper slot of the laptop and cannot work in the lower slot, where Apple usually places the standard Ram supplied with the product. In this case the total ram capacity that the laptop will be able to reach will stop at 768 Mb (as if they were few …), that is, a 512 Mb module in the upper slot and a 256 Mb one in the lower one. To reach the Gigabyte of ram we will have to turn to the Transintl modules.

Although electronically similar, the Titanium and iBook slots could be different in size, also in this case a lot of attention will have to be paid in the choice of the Ram. Although we are not able to give official confirmations, we assume that the Ram slots of the Titanium are different in size: the lower one houses 1.25-inch modules, the upper 1.5-inch module; the confusion is generated by the wording "low profile" which is used to indicate both the modules and differentiate them from the "high profile" 2-inch ones. If the 512 Mb Peripheral module should be 1.5 inches we will have to be careful not only with Titanium, but also with new iBooks, where it is clearly indicated that the ram slot houses only 1.25-inch modules.

Therefore, be careful when purchasing the ram for the new laptops, maybe check with the dealer that the ram you purchased is actually the one that suits you, under penalty of purchasing an expensive module that is absolutely unusable.

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