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Q4 2019 smart speaker market: Amazon is always in the lead

The latest report from Strategy Analytics smart speaker on the market tells a bit about the usual story: Amazon reigns, Google chases, the Chinese are recovering and Apple is the tail light with its HomePod.

The analysis focuses on global shipments in the fourth quarter of 2019, compared to those of the same period last year. With nearly 16 million units, Amazon is still the company that sold the mostthus further increasing its position of dominance on the market with its Echoes; Google follows with nearly 14 million with what has now become the Nest Home brand. Both companies have grown compared to the previous year: Google a little more than Amazon, but more or less the range is that.

Below we find a Chinese trio: Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi. All three together total little more than Amazon managed to ship alone (16.1 million units versus 15.8). However, the growth on an annual basis is clearly higher than the + 16-20% totalized by the two American companies: here we start from a minimum of + 94% of Alibaba and reach up to about + 170% of the other two. This significant growth has inevitably eroded the market shares of Amazon and Google, which drop (respectively) from 35.5 to 28.3% and from 30 to 24.9%.

Finally we find Apple, which has shipped one million HomePods more than the previous year, but with 2.6 million it remains on the margins of the market (the shares, to be precise, are 4.7%).

What is perhaps the most curious consideration is that in fact in the top 6 there are three groups of producers that in fact do not compete with each other. The Chinese and Americans do not overlap in the same markets – also because everyone has their own virtual assistant who for a number of reasons is not compatible / available where the opponents operate. Finally, Apple makes a game in itself, with a single high-end product, from as much as 329 euros (we take the German price since it never officially arrived at us). Amazon and Google can count on a much more widespread diffusion thanks to their entry-level models around 50 euros (moreover often objects of strong discounts and promotions).