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OS X Server 2.0 and laptop management

febrero 14, 2020

At the end of the month, during WWDC, Apple is expected to present developers with version 2.0 of its OS X Server, the system software dedicated to machines with network server functionality.

The package will include the new version of Macintosh Manager 2.0, the software that allows the correct management of Apple clients.

The new version promises a big step forward in the management of portable machines, now the package, when a portable client will report the next disconnection from the network to the server, will go to register specific preferences directly on the client machine.

This procedure will allow, once the laptop is turned back on and used outside the network, not to receive error messages about the failure to rent the server and the user authentication procedure can be carried out locally.

This functionality will be particularly appreciated in schools, where students, but also teachers, will be able to safely disconnect from the school network and then continue to use the machines outside of it, not receiving error messages and continuing to use the level of access allowed to the single user.

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