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Orange, thousands of unsold iPhones Edge?

febrero 14, 2020

Orange in trouble. The French mobile operator, the only one in Europe who had iPhones before the announcement of the 3G model that did not want to discount the price of the Edge model, would have tens of thousands of unsold pieces in its hands that now, after the speech by Jobs, they burn in your hands.

Recall that according to several sources there had been some 'tense story' between Apple and Orange on the discount affair. Apple had allowed operators to sell iPhones at a reduced price, provided that the difference in cost was absorbed by the operators themselves. For its part, the mobile arm of France Telecom would have refused resolutely, even at the cost of seeing sales drop as it seems to have been.

What has not been done in recent days Orange, says the French website Macgeneration, will be forced to do it today. In the next few hours, in fact, an offer should start which will give the French the opportunity to buy a not very attractive iPhone Edge for 100 or 150 euros, depending on the models. The problem that now the company to reach the 150 thousand iPhones sold, having to sell several thousand in order not to mark a negative chapter in the balance sheet, becomes truly unfortunate. Orange for, at least formally, denies being close to a discount campaign.

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