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Orange France: iPhone Edge from 99 and 199 euros

Orange France: 99 and 199 euro iPhone Edge logomacitynet1200wide 1

Orange France is the only European mobile operator that had not launched a discount campaign in recent months to lighten the stocks of first generation iPhones. Unlike the United Kingdom with O2 and also Germany with T-Mobile, Orange had kept the price of the iPhone identical at the time of launch and until rumors began to circulate on the Internet about the preparation of the new iPhone 3G.

Macity covered the news in this article today. A few hours later the corridor rumors have been completely confirmed. A few minutes ago on the operator's website the page that illustrates the new finally discounted prices for the first generation iPhone EDGE appeared. The 8 GB model now offered for only 99 euros, while the 16 GB model for 199 euros. The two offers require the subscription of an annual or two-year subscription with the operator with monthly rates starting from 49 euros.

In France, the new iPhone 3G will be marketed from 17 July, this to avoid overlaps with the commemoration of the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July. Keeping in mind the imminence of the new iPhone, the new discounted prices of the iPhone EDGE do not seem now a big deal, especially considering the extremely aggressive prices of the new model with the subscription formula, not yet specified but almost certainly very similar to the current offer of Orange.

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