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New commercial for the iPhone 3G

febrero 14, 2020

New spot for the iPhone 3G – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The new iPhone 3G deserves a brand new spot: two employees carry a mysterious box, along a corridor and some rooms that seem set in a cutting-edge laboratory, futuristic in lights, environments and shots, but with particular asepticity and typical of a place of maximum security.

Once they reach their destination, the protagonists place the box on a table, opening it with a double synchronized key; the container opens through a complex and technological mechanism, but agile and immediate, revealing the new iPhone 3G. "Double the speed, half the price" the speaker slogan, underlining the enhanced speed of 3G technology and the price halved.

The new “Hallway” spot observable directly from this link.

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