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Logitech: all the news of the winter

febrero 14, 2020

The elegant and futuristic Visionnaire of Milan Logitech was the backdrop for the presentation of new products for the Logitech winter season. A series of keyboards, mice, accessories that once again demonstrate the innovative effort of the Swiss company, which has been the market leader in the field of control, input and pointing devices for years.

To do the honors to the press, numerous states Luigi Cattaneo, Logitech Sales & Marketing Manager, we sell – said Cattaneo – 150 million products in 100 different countries and despite the global economic situation, the company continues to invest in research and development. This strategy allows us to create new devices and accessories that can differentiate themselves from the competition and above all to respond to specific needs and requests from users. To achieve this, the company's historic business, based on mice, keyboards and basic peripherals, has expanded to broaden its interests. Now – added Cattaneo – we respond better to the styles of use not only of the computer but also of digital media and we are able to offer a diversified product catalog in multiple product categories

The demonstration of this philosophy occurred at the time of the presentation of the 2009/2010 accessories range designed, as underlined by the company, around the keywords: convergence and removal of barriers.

Harmony: the universal remote controls that are easy to useLuigi Cattaneo has offered a complete overview starting from the new Logitech Harmony remote controls which, trying to untangle the skein of the multitude of standard remote controls, integrating the possibility of easily controlling home theater devices in the living room, music reproduction, the latest generation consoles, up to the automated systems for home automation.

In the conception and design phase – the manager said – we carry out various market researches, only in this way can we have the certainty of creating a new product capable of satisfying real needs and needs of users. As regards the remote controls It was then learned that 93% of users in Europe have at least 3 remote controls in the living room, while 43% even have 5. In the case of Italy, the percentage of users who must use 5 remote controls even goes up at 53%. Thanks to the ease of use, also guaranteed by the presence of a touch screen integrated in the 900 model, the Harmony 700 and 900 remote controls are able to solve this need.

Squeezebox and portable stereo systemsCattaneo then presented the Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch music players capable of offering a high quality listening experience inside the home. Again with regard to the Squeezebox family, Cattaneo recalled the exclusive agreement with EMI for the preview distribution of Queen's new Absolute Greatest, which Squeezebox users can listen to six months in advance of the availability date in stores. Among the devices for the reproduction of digital music, the S315i and 125i Speakers are also presented, which can operate both through the mains power supply and by batteries for listening on the go.

Recall that Macitynet had the opportunity to preview the new Squeezebox players and also the S315I and 125i Speakers at the Logitech stand at the IFA in Berlin, finally as regards listening to the preview of the new Queen collection there are further available details in this article

During the evening, the new Logitech webcams could not be missing, one of the company's historical strengths, able to offer video chat via the Internet with full-screen quality images and, in the top models, also integrated autofocus to make focus on the subject regardless of distance from the lens. All Logitech webcams – explained Cattaneo – work with the VID software that allows users to make video calls via the Web in an easy and intuitive way, all for free. Recall that the Logitech VID program also works with the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro camera that Macitynet has reviewed in this article.

Omnidirectional speaker systemsFor users who require maximum audio performance at home and in the office, Logitech offers the Z320 and Z323 Speaker Systems with an output power of 40Watt RMS and 30Watt RMS respectively. These are systems consisting of two speakers plus subwoofer to reproduce powerful and quality audio. All Logitech audio systems can be used with both the Mac and the PC, they also integrate omnidirectional sound diffusion technology to offer a quality listening experience even when the user moves from the optimal position. Finally we mention the Logitech Speakers Z520 and Z320 systems, recommended for those who want to keep the overall dimensions to a minimum with quality stereo systems without a subwoofer.

Logitech accessories and devices for notebooks and mobilityMarket research commissioned by Logitech shows that despite the recession times notebooks and netbooks are now the main part of the installed computers, a sector that shows continuous growth rates. In addition to 70% of users use the notebook in a traditional way, on a table or desk, 60% use it informally, on the dining room table or where it happens, while 90% use it outside the home.

To make life easier for users, the new Logitech Keyboard K350 and K340 wireless keyboards, together with the Marathon Mouse M705 and Wireless Mouse M505 can all be used with a single wireless nano receiver to be applied to the USB port of the computer. This possible thanks to the Unifyng technology that features a single radio micro-receiver that comes out of the USB port of the laptop only a few millimeters, allows you to control up to a maximum of 6 different Logitech devices. The perfect solution for those who use the same laptop at home and in the office: without removing the micro adapter from the notebook it is possible to put it in the bag. When the notebook used at home is automatically connected thanks to the micro-adapter for mice and keyboards, the same thing happens in the office.

Darkfield: Logitech technology for mice that also work on glassDuring the Logitech presentation, the operation of the Darfield technology integrated into the Performance Mouse MX, ergonomic and full size for use with desktops, and the more compact Anywhere Mouse MX, ideal for pairing with notebooks, was illustrated in detail. . Darkfield uses a dark field microscopy system capable of detecting dust particles and micro-abrasions present on glass tables and on all smooth surfaces. Instead of tracing the surface on which it rests, Darkfield mice see the support surface as a dark background on which the light points consisting of dust particles, abrasions and so on are scattered, a system that takes inspiration from the vision of the human eye of the starry sky. The sensor interprets the position of the points after which it accurately calculates the movement of the mouse. Thanks to this technology, Darkfiled mice can be used on a large number of surfaces that are impossible to use with traditional laser and optical mice. Macitynet covered Logitech Darkfield technology in this article.

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