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Jailbreak Untethered iPhone 5: almost there!

febrero 14, 2020


IPhone 5 Untethered Jailbreak is almost ready Meanwhile iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tethered is available

Excellent news comes for the iPhone 5 owners. Apparently, in fact, the Chronic-dev Team would have managed to get the Jailbreak Tethered on Apple's new smartphone.

It also appears that the untethered one is also almost ready. It's a pity that both need a developer account and therefore cannot be made available to everyone.

But let's see more details to follow.

The untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 one step away but there is a problem.

The Tethered Jailbreak of the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 is finally done.

Apparently, however, too the untethered one would now be ready, or at least within reach of the developers, who have already found at least 3 critical vulnerabilities on the Apple smartphone to get precisely the Jailbreak.

Just like it had happened with the old in the past iPhone and iPad, not a simple operation to be able to get the Jailbreak, especially because Apple, with each new smartphone and version of iOS 6, corrects the old "holes" and makes the life of the developers more complicated.

Fortunately, however, with iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the work is progressing well the Tethered Jailbreak was achieved in a very short time, thanks to the great work done by chpwn, who had not made his project public to prevent Apple from immediately closing the flaws identified by him.

@planetbeing,another member of the chronic-dev team, in a recent tweet he said he was able to find an exploit of the iPhone 5 kernel that allows you to use Cydia and its tweaks even on iPhone 5 without problems. Compared to what has been done by the hacker chpwn this is a huge step forward: in this way, in fact, the jailbreak for the new iPhone 5 goes from a state that we could define embryonic to the statotethered.

Obviously you will still have to wait a long time before this Jailbreak turns from tethered to untethered,but the work is proceeding at full speed.

Too bad, however, that at the moment there is another small problem to solve: the current jailbreak can only be used by those who have an Apple dev account, which not all Cydia developers have (after all Cydia was born to publish the programs that Apple would never have approved, so what sense did it make to buy a developer account if it would not be used then?).

The tethered jailbreak is usually released in preview to the developers of Cydia just to allow them to update their tweaks and make them compatible with the new system and the new device, but at this point it would be useless since many developers do not have this Apple account.

For the moment, however, the author of the Tethered Jailbreak not willing to release his discoveries: he claims to be one step away from the iPhone 5 Untethered Jailbreak and not wanting to burn the possibilities it has.

We will see how the situation evolves. Hopefully the iPhone 5 Jailbreak, Tethered or Untethered, will arrive before Christmas. I remember that last year, with iPhone 4S, we had to wait until the end of January.

We will keep you updated on the situation anyway.

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