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iPhone, a weekend full of photos (false?)

In recent months, numerous photos of the new iPhone 3G have appeared, which should be presented today. Around you have seen a bit of everything and that everything has often been unreliable in terms of the shape or layout of the images. For this reason, what at the weekend for the first time appeared on many American sites, what finally seemed a credible image was a flourishing of comments and opinions, a pity that this photo also seems to be a fake.

The image to which we refer what appears in this Flickr gallery. At first glance it is a series of shots that take a laptop screen on which promotional material from At & T appears. The iPhones are a dark gray and a red one (the latter part of the Product RED humanitarian initiative), with an interesting detail: a mobile iChat. To support this service, the phone also has a front camera for two-way chat. Another note to take into account, the fact that iChat would also be available for Windows so as to make its use universal.

Attention to detail, relevance to the rumors circulated in the last few days, desire to believe it, have projected the images in the 'top of the pop' of the weekend. Too bad that even these photos do not hold to the test of critics who immediately noticed some inconsistent details.

The most obvious in the two phones that are different. One, the gray one, at the top has a lock switch, the red one does not have it. Secondly, the wording 'Windows Xp' (with a lowercase 'p') not in the style of Apple that uses the wording XP (with a 'uppercase' p) everywhere. In addition to this, several observers have noted that the spacing of images and texts is not in line with the typical graphics of the products. Finally, and perhaps even more relevant, no request has been received from Apple to delete the images, which would be really strange if they were authentic. Cupertino in the past has always operated very severely, sending a letter from a lawyer, when someone has published pictures or screenshots of real products.

In addition to the images published by Flickr, a photo gallery appeared on the French website In the case of the transalpine page, this is one of the many (presumed) boxes not to be opened until tomorrow sent to retailers (?) But which someone would have had the courage to open anyway. Too bad that in this case as in others, after having had the courage to open the box, the author of the scoop, it is not clear for what reason, he did not have to take the phone out of the box and take some pictures a little more explicit and less subject to being accused of forgery.