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iPhone 3G only on July 1st?

iPhone 3G only on July 1st? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Few expect the iPhone 3G to be made available shortly after Jobs's keynote, but those few who still cultivate this hope and who have not yet put it aside despite it is evident that, if not the production process, at least phone certification has not yet been completed, they may be forced to surrender to other evidence.

The first are the statements of a self-styled manager of an At & T store published in the comments to an Engadget news. In his short message, it is announced that at the moment, the shop managers have not yet received any promotional material concerning iPhone n, much less, the same second generation iPhones. What is certain that the old models are practically sold out and that there is actually a provision that puts in place a blackout of the holidays starting from mid-June.

The clue that sets the end of the offer with a discount for T-Mobile's iPhone 8G seems even more pressing. The fact that the promotion goes to the end of the month suggests that the new model will only be available (at least) from the following day which, coincidentally, on a Tuesday, the designated day of Apple news.

Although it is true that the iPhone could be released "staggered" in various countries, it seems rather unlikely that T-Mobile could leave such an offer alive while elsewhere the new 3G model is already on sale.

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