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iFob 2.0 social networking face to face on the iPhone

iFob 2.0 social networking face to face on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Most social networking software and websites allow you to contact and meet new people, but in most cases the relationship often starts and dies in the virtual world. To overcome this not secondary inconvenience, the types have created the iFob application.

The latter uses the Wi-Fi connection to communicate with each other only people who use iFob and who are connected to the same access point. In this way, according to the authors, social networking leaves the virtual and allows you to socialize only with people who can be reached by looking.

Already available for free in version 1.0 for unlocked iPhones and iPod touches, the software ready in version 2.0 with new functions made possible by programming via SDK provided by Apple. iFob 2.0 awaiting Cupertino's approval to land on the AppStore, always for free. At this address, we find the page that illustrates the installation procedure for unlocked iPhone and iPod touch. Recall that iFob also available for Mac OS X and the main Windows systems.

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