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I don't say but I say

febrero 14, 2020

I do not say but I say – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If the fans of the iMac LCD were waiting for the tax report to find comfort in Anderson's words on the appearance at MacWorld of what the next generation compact desktop should be, it cannot be said that they were lucky. Rather, the head of Apple's financial operations seems to have almost ruled out any possibility in this regard. Obviously, these were not explicit statements, but clues, the forecasts for the current quarter being the most consistent. Anderson has announced that Apple plans to post a slightly higher result than the current one but at the same time has cautioned because of the crisis in the consumer sector that could continue to hit Apple. In short, this is certainly not the statements of those who know that his company is about to drop some tricks on the table which could be the new iMac. Rather the thoughts of those who have found a way to limit the damage by barricading themselves in defense, a move that Apple could implement with a renewal of the range not a revolution of its own, on the other hand it appears almost established that tomorrow a series of promotions will start with substantial discounts on various accessories for all those who intend to buy an iMac and launch a promotion to coincide with the presentation of a new machine, certainly an original way to launch it on the market. Established that now most of the signals seem to indicate that only a miracle could allow hungry Mac users to order a revolutionary new iMac equipped with an LCD monitor, we do not feel to rule out the possibility that the machine may make its appearance on the stage, if in fact for the quarter Apple does not seem to foresee that any shocking product will arrive to replenish the consumer range in the 90 days of the current quarter, it must also be said that nothing has been said of the next quarter which will open on October 1st and that in those 90 days a new machine could arrive, perhaps to be announced at MacWorld. After all, even for the launch of the original Apple iMac, it behaved the same way by announcing it at the WWDC in May, presenting it in July in New York and putting it on sale in September. If this were the case, the effect on investors and analysts would be assured and Apple's image would be strengthened. Nor would it be necessary to think that the iMac CRT can be discontinued as obsolete. Driven by discounts and placed in a lower price range it would continue to have its own market and its commercial sense.Perhaps there is more imagination than reality in what we have written, but we continue to think that it is difficult to believe that Apple can afford to get out of this Expo without some surprise and a hit. We like to think that it is precisely the iMac of the new generation. At least until Jobs arrives on stage, do not take away from this illusion.

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