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Help | The best keyboards for Android: write comfortably!

febrero 14, 2020

Most current phones have a screen touch screen. This feature certainly allows you to be not only updated with technology, but also to take advantage of new techniques that make operations easier. Many people, however, loved the physical keys for writing messages and email, such as QWERTY phones. Switch to a touchscreen terminal and then use the virtual keyboard, it can be a real trauma! To try to mitigate this problem, there are apps that offer the possibility of using keyboards that facilitate typing. There are indeed many, but most are similar. Today we want to present you some titles that manage to emerge.

Smart Keyboard

This application allows you to have a keyboard to customize. Ability to return transparent the keyboard, choose among several themes (iPhone, Android, Gingerbread, Galaxy). It also offers the possibility to set up the T9 or to take advantage of vocal dictation.

The following are availableversions: trial and payment (€ 1.99).

(App) net.cdeguet.smartkeyboardtrial & feature = search_result (/ app)

(App) net.cdeguet.smartkeyboardpro ​​& feature = more_from_developer #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwibmV0LmNkZWd1ZXQuc21hcnRrZXlib2FyZHBybyJd (/ app)

Perfect Keyboard Free

A keyboard that lacks practically nothing. Fast, but above all highly customizable. And this is the strong point of this title. You can, in fact, decide to activate the suggestions, the automatic completion, automatically insert the space and intervene on its layout. We are not talking about colors, but about setting the space between the lines, the text size and so on! Spectacular.

The following are available versions: free and paid (2.29 euros).

(App) free.inputmethod.latin.perfectkeyboard & feature = more_from_developer #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiZnJlZS5pbnB1dG1ldGhvZC5sYXRpbi5wZXJmZWN0a2V5Ym9hcmQiXQ .. (/ app)

(App) inputmethod.latin.perfectkeyboard & feature = more_from_developer (/ app)


GO Keyboard

It presents the classic functions that are included in almost all apps of the genre, but offers a possibility almost unique: set one keyboard background. Graphic style similar to Gingerbread.

The following are availableversions: free.

(App) com.jb.gokeyboard & feature = search_result (/ app)


A keyboard that allows you to apply several themes, such as that of Windows Phone, iPhone and ICS. Suggests the next word, possibility to activate auto-completion and offers the function of to correct mistakes pressing the space bar.

The following are availableversions: free and paid (3.81 euros).

(App) #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLmFpdHlwZS5hbmRyb2lkIl0. (/ App)

(App) & feature = more_from_developer (/ app)

SwiftKey X

In the end we want to insert the best one. This is what most users said. With SwiftKey X you can find the convenience to write sms. You will have the opportunity to choose from typing styles: precise is rapid. In the first the words will be predicted, in the second the errors will be corrected automatically. The application will learn via Facebook, Twitter, blog and Gmail data and even from your text messages.

The following are availableversions: free and paid (2.99 euros) and for tablets.

(App) & feature = more_from_developer (/ app)

(App) com.touchtype.swiftkey & feature = search_resultr (/ app)

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