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Help | How to play HD videos on Android via 3G network

Sometimes, the limitations imposed by smartphone manufacturers are very useful, such as telephone operators that limit the download speed to prevent excessive costs. Other times, however, the same can be somewhat annoying. An example is the impossibility of being able to watch HD videos on your devices connected to the 3G network

Smartphones, we know, are becoming more and more technological and now we do a bit of everything. One of the functions now present above all is that of watch YouTube videos in high quality.On devices Android, however, the limitation that does not allow us to watch videos in HD if we are not connected to the wifi network has been imposed.

To work around this limitation, an XDA forum developer has scheduled a modified .apk file of the YouTube application which allows us to watch videos in 720p HD even if we are not connected to a wifi network.

In order to watch HD videos on YouTube even under 3G network, therefore, just follow these few steps:

  1. Remove the /system/app/YouTube.apk file to remove the YouTube application original.
  2. If the YouTube application remains, go to the Application Manager and uninstall the updates.
  3. Install the modified .apk file of the modified YouTube application. (Download at the bottom of the article)

Two versions released of the .apk file:

  • The first for devices with the "old versions" of Android (from Android 2.x up to Android 3.1) (Download link);
  • The second for devices with the latest versions of Android (from Android 3.2 in s) (Download link).

For more information you can consult the official thread on XDA.

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