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Happy Birthday iPod!

febrero 14, 2020


Today the birthday of the Apple iPod, first presented on October 23, 2001

Maybe not everyone knows it, but on 23 October 2001 Steve Jobs presented to the whole world an object that, in the following years, revolutionized not only the music market, but also the telephony one.

What are we talking about? Apple's iPodobviously presented for the first time to the whole world exactly 11 years ago.

In recent years the device has been updated, improved, perfected, and has given birth to the iPhone and, subsequently, to the iPad.

Let's see how this device has changed over the years which has literally changed the way we listen to music (but not only).

To begin with, I believe that, wanting to make a very simple comparison, liPod represented for digital electronics what the Walkman meant for analog audio. Don't you agree?

With the With the launch of the first iPod, Apple has certainly created a new category for digital music players. He has retired CD players and old and shabby MP3 players, offering his users a device to listen to music easily and to buy songs instantly thanks to iTunes.

The iPod was the first device that brought me closer to Apple, as it has for millions of other users.

The first iPod was obviously presented by Steve Jobs, who made the announcementon a stage of a packed theater in his first true Keynote that would revolutionize music from all over the world and the lives of users in the following years.

Perhaps, at the time of the presentation, not even Jobs would have expected similar success for his device. None of us, however, could even remotely imagine what revolution would bring the iPod into the world of technology, especially in the world of telephony.

In fact, the first iPod was created, Apple simply had to improve it, make it touch and finally add a telephone antenna to get its first iPhone. Put this way it sounds simple, but just try to imagine the engineering, construction, design, communication, design and marketing work behind creating a product like this.

LiPod in its first versionit had a white polycarbonate wrapper and was the size of a deck of cards. It was quite light and offered well "5 GB "of storage space: an exaggeration for the time.

An aspect that has always distinguished iPods, like all Apple products, the simplicity of use: the device, besides being very compact, was really simple to use and control. All it took was a circular mechanical ring to slide with a finger to change the song, pause and interact with all its main functions.

The device also allowed you to scroll through the music library quickly and using only your thumb.

To synchronize the player, Apple had provided a FireWire connection, 35 times faster than the old USB1.1. The first generation of iPods was compatible only with Macintosh computers.

After the first iPod, of course, the later models arrived, which have introduced some improvements from time to time:

  • touch sensitive wheel
  • dock connector
  • wider screen to display text and videos
  • more rounded design
  • body in anodized steel
  • color display
  • coverflow interface for music albums
  • new operating system
  • size reduction
  • new colors available for users
  • greater autonomy
  • greater screen brightness

These, in essence, were the characteristics of the sixth generation of iPods, which,with the review of September 2008, it becomes the last and current iPod Classic.

In recent years, however, Apple has launched even the smallest iPods, viz iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Let's see them in these images.

Then in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, and contextually Apple launches its first iPod fully Touch: it is essentially an iPhone without a telephone part, which is equipped with the innovative 3.5-inch touchscreen display. Among other things, we note the presence of a WiFi antenna, the Safarie internet browser and the possibility of streaming video from YouTube.

Very important news the possibility to directly access theiTunes Music Storefrom the device to buy songs quickly and easily.

Over the years, the iPod Touch will become increasingly light, powerful and thin.

Today the Apple iPod is much more than a normal MP3 player: it allows you to read emails, surf the internet, watch movies, listen to music, manage social networks, make calls via Skype and much more. Not just an MP3 player, but a sort of tablet with a smaller than average display, a powerful and complete device that allows us to manage all the main aspects of our multimedia and online life.

Obviously, however, the iPod continues to function as an MP3 player and does this task very well.

Over the years, Apple has always managed to improve this product, to renew it, to make it more beautiful and powerful.

We will see what the future holds for us regarding the iPod. In the meantime, we can only congratulate him: in these 11 years, the iPod has collected a lot of successes and has become one of the best-selling devices ever, revolutionizing the music (not only digital), console and web market.

Happy birthday iPod!

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